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Board of Trustees Meeting Update


Next Board of Trustees Meeting
Sunday, October 16, 11:20 am
Seaquins Ballroom
– Open to All –

State of the CommUnity
Town Hall Meeting
July 24, 2016

1. First Half of 2016 Finances

Income – $58,000, Expenses – $76,000. This does not include c.$6,000 in earlier one-time transitional expenses and the sale of c.$8,000 in stock donated in 2015. Current monthly income–$9,600, breakeven–$12,600. $2000 of our current monthly deficit is due to our three largest contributors moving out-of-state. We expect that this is only a short-term situation and that by the end of the year monthly cash flow will be in the black.
Operating Reserves are depleted. It was necessary to borrow $3,500 from congregants to cover June expenses. That needs to be repaid asap. There is $83,000 in the building fund annuity from which 15% per year can be withdrawn without penalty. It is also possible to borrow against it. That is a last resort.

2. Finance Strategies

Expense Reduction: Every effort has been made to control expenses. There are no reasonable places to cut. Next year we will have additional expenses in calling our next senior minister.
Xtra Gift Matching Funds Program: A few committed members have pledged to match all one-time, additional gifts you might give over and above your usual contributions. Whatever additional gift you are able to give will be matched. If you give $20 the church would receive $40; $250 becomes $500, $2,000 becomes $4,000, $10,000 becomes $20,000! This program is to cover the extra expenses incurred since November, provide a reserve to cover possible monthly shortfalls to the end of this year, and provide for minister search and moving expenses next year. Our goal is $24,000. This comes to $300 per contributor. Some may give substantially more, some less. The way a gift is given is more important than the amount given. Please identify your additional gift with “match” – or – “xtra.”
Church giving: Committed giving is increased from 1% of net income to 5% as a first step toward full 10% giving. Funds will be used to support Unity organizations, charities, community support. The ministry team overseeing the distribution of these funds will be made up of only those who are tithers themselves. Tell Nat if you would like to participate.
3. Programs

We are investigating classes, workshops, training, book study topics, and the best way to utilize our space.
Our landlord has agreed that we can have special programs Sunday afternoons and evenings. The first one will be an evening of jazz, dessert, wine and cheese with Bill and Betsy Peterson Sunday, October 23rd. Others to follow could include a musical Christmas pageant, Sunday afternoon high tea, a musical cabaret, dinner dance and other possibilities. These would be reasonably priced events to attract newcomers.
4. Management

Reverend Nat Carter will complete his Interim ministerial service with us April 30, 2017.

Ministerial Call Process: New ministerial leadership will begin May 1, 2017. A ministerial call committee will be formed in the fall. Inform a board member if you would like to participate.
Leadership council formation: Anyone interested in being part of discussion, planning and visioning in support of the Board is invited to these monthly meetings. The first meeting will be after church Sunday August 14th. The topic will be what qualities are wanted in the senior minister.
Bylaws revision of membership provisions eliminating the dropping of inactive members and the annual renewal requirement. There will be an annual invitation to pledge financial support and sacred service time.